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Can someone be Obese and still Healthy !

Metabolic syndrome

Obesity is spreading like an epidemic. The question comes up in mind, whether all these obese people who are apparently healthy are really perfectly healthy people? And if an obese person has normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol and normal blood sugar levels; is he or she still at the risk of heart disease?

Role of Exercise In Diabetes

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Importance of Physical Activity or Management and Role of Exercise in Diabetes Mellitus.
Managing diabetes becomes easy when you lead an active lifestyle with regular physical activity and exercises. Medications can do their job, but they alone cannot bring about the desirable change.

Basics of Healthy Meal Plan For Diabetics


Planning a healthy meal is very essential for all individuals suffering from diabetes. Healthy meal is a corner stone to healthy living and for effective management of the metabolic disorder – diabetes. A meal plan will help you achieve desirable body weight and will also ensure that your blood glucose levels are under control.

Lifestyle Modification Important For Diabetics

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Incidents related to diabetes are on the rise, and more and more people are trying hard to find out ways and means to fight this disease condition and stay fit at the same time. Living with diabetes is difficult but certainly not impossible.

Meal Planning For Diabetics

Foods designated "Diabetes Superfoods", because of their low gly

Meal planning is a vital aspect for all diabetics. There are several types of foods which are not supposed to be taken and individuals are also required to make informed choices about what all goes in their food plate. Not just this, it is also essential that individuals be educated about how well they can plan their meals that would

Importance of Nutrition for Diabetics

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Management of diabetes requires a holistic approach that consists of appropriate nutrition, regular exercise and drug therapy. Of all these components, nutritional therapy is a vital one and an integral part of effective management of diabetes.